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MotorcycleDuring the past year our Colonel Commandant began a re-vitalization of C&E Association.  One the key focus areas of this initiative is to focus effort on our people and specifically our veterans.  The main objective of this effort is first and foremost to reach out to all or veterans and to ensure they are aware of the various programs and services that are available to them and their families.  This veteran effort is nested in a more broader goal of developing and implementing a plan that makes our people the cornerstone of our new C&E Association.  Below is the mission of this broader strategy and specific tasks directed at our veterans.


To provide the C&E community with the awareness, understanding and access for the many and varied programs and services dedicated to the support of our C&E family of serving members and veterans.


  1. VeteransIdentify, consolidate and publish links to various programs and services related to veterans and those transitioning from military to civilian life. Organizations like Royal Canadian Legion, Canada Company, Treble Victor (3V), FSNA, CFMWS including CFOne services and CF Aperans and families and to advocate on their behalf by participating in the appropriate associations and groups dedicated to enhancing the prominence of military issues including those of veterans appreciation program etc.
  2. Participate in Veterans’ Advocacy Groups such those sponsored by the Conference of Defence Associations, Royal Canadian Legion and the National Council of Veterans Associations.
  3. radop operatorsIdentify and promote Communities of Interest that might have relevance to specific members from across our community e.g. Rwanda Veterans Group.
  4. Formally establish an emergency assistance program and bursary support similar to that operated by the RCR Association and CMEA by enhancing existing programs within the community.

Member and Veteran Services Dashboard

There are a number of services available CMCEN_New_LOO2_Mbr_Vets_Svcs_Bannernow to Veterans, as well as serving members preparing for the transition.
Please visit our Member and Veteran Services Dashboard in order to acquaint yourself with these services.

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