Welcome to the EXERCISE NOBLE SKYWAVE 2018 (Ex NS 18) resource page. This page is still under construction. More to follow regarding exercise details. On behalf of the Communications and Electronics Branch (C&E Branch), Canadian Forces Joint Signals Regiment (CFJSR), and the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE) thank-you for your interest!

Ex NS 18 will afford your team the opportunity to sharpen their High Frequency (HF) skills on a global stage. Units with HF equipment are encouraged to dust them off and show the world what you can do.

For your reference, the expected timelines are as follows:

  1. Ex NS 18 – Call for CAF Participation – July 2018
  2. Ex NS 18 – Exercise Instruction – August 2018
  3. Ex NS 18 – Registration Form – August 2018
  4. Ex NS 18 – Exercise begins mid-October 2018


All questions regarding conduct, enrollment and spectrum management shall go through the  Officer In Charge (OIC) / Exercise Coordinator and Chief Communications Operator (CCO).

  1. Officer In Charge (OIC) / Exercise Coordinator, Lieutenant Jory Korobanik, CFJSR, 001 613-541-5010 extension 3739,; and
  2. Chief Communications Operator (CCO). Master Warrant Officer Andre Denommee, CFSCE, +1 613-541-5010 extension 3849,





Here is the link to Ex Noble SKYWAVE 2017

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