C&E Branch 2017 Educational Bursaries Competition /Concours 2016 de Bourse d’Études de la Branche des C&E

Dear C&E Association Members, Communications and Electronics Branch (C&E Br) Education Bursary Introduction The C & E Branch Education Bursary is offered on an annual basis to offset the cost of post-secondary education. The C & E Branch Educational Bursary is intended to provide financial assistance for deserving candidates entering of post-secondary education program. This… Read More

Ottawa Citizen Article – CF Ombudsman Briefs Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

Dear C&E Association Members, Below is a link to an Ottawa Citizen article that includes the text of the CF Ombudsman’ s briefing to the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs on 8 March.  Mr. Walbourne discusses the current set of challenges faced by Canadian Armed Forces personnel as they transition from military to civilian life. … Read More

BGen Mamoru Sugimoto’s Biography and his interview in 1978/Biographie du Bgén Mamoru Sugimoto et son entretien en 1978

Biography for BGen Mamoru Sugimoto extracted from the Communications and Electronics Newsletter from 1977/1 (March/April edition). Brigadier General Mamoru Sugimoto was born in Raymond, Alberta, 4 November 1931. He received his early education there and obtained his Senior Matriculation from the Raymond High School. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force 14 December 1950… Read More