C&E Branch 2017 Educational Bursaries Competition /Concours 2016 de Bourse d’Études de la Branche des C&E

Dear C&E Association Members, Communications and Electronics Branch (C&E Br) Education Bursary Introduction The C & E Branch Education Bursary is offered on an annual basis to offset the cost of post-secondary education. The C & E Branch Educational Bursary is intended to provide financial assistance for deserving candidates entering of post-secondary education program. This… Read More

BCAOC Serial 0002 Week 5 Update

Presenting Presentable Presentations ft. Additional Presentations Presently and TGIT Week 5 of the Basic CELE (Air) Officer Course (BCAOC) serial 0002 was possibly one of the busiest yet, and for those planning the Thank God It’s Thursday (TGIT) which took place this week, there was a little extra medieval spice peppering their lives. During classes… Read More

The Weak and Unreadable – BSOC 0006 Weeks 3-4 | Le faible et Illisible – CÉOT 0006 Semaines 3 – 4

The Weak and Unreadable – BSOC 0006 Weeks 3-4 It’s surprising to see that a month of the BSOC training has already gone by. In what is standard for BSOC, the past couple weeks have been as busy as could be. In addition to the opportunity to meet with those who do the hands on… Read More

BCAOC WEEK 4: SAFETY FIRST!!! And 2nd…and 3rd…an- | CEOGA SEMAINE 4: LA SÉCURITÉ AVANT TOUT!!! Et de 2…et de 3… et-

BCAOC WEEK 4: SAFETY FIRST!!! And 2nd…and 3rd…an- Though there weren’t any field exercises this week for the 19 candidates of the Basic CELE (Air) Officer Course (BCAOC) serial 0002, there was an exercise in patience as six lessons on safety and 19 safety briefings tested the boundaries of the candidates’ mental capacities. The lessons… Read More

BCAOC Serial 0014 Shot Glass Ceremony

The Basic CELE(Air) Officer Course enables junior officers to become effective CELE(Air) Officers throughout their careers. The course consists of 107 days of challenging training conducted at the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics. Throughout the course, students are introduced to the Communications and Electronics Branch and are provided with the knowledge and skills… Read More

The Enigma Story: Technology, Turing, Trondheim, Toronto

The C & E museum is planning a historical talk on 2 Dec 16 Speaker: Dr. Peter Berg, Professor in Mathematics & Physics, Department of Science from the University of Alberta Topic for the Talk: The Enigma Story: Technology, Turing, Trondheim, Toronto Location: Military C&E Museum Timings: 7pm; doors will be open at 6:30pm for… Read More