1010-1 (CFSCE Cmdt)

April 2011

Dear Branch Leaders,

This letter is to apprise you of a new initiative that we, the members of the Branch Advisory Committee (BAC) are proud to announce. Most recently, many of you have expressed a desire to establish a funding mechanism by which the Communications and Electronics (C & E) Branch could financially assist members of our community who find themselves in financial distress. To that end, we have worked with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation to make the C & E Branch Fund more robust thereby giving the BAC the financial flexibility that will enable us to provide financial assistance to serving and retired Branch members. The Branch constitution has been updated to empower the BAC to respond to requests for financial support and to outline how assistance can be accessed. The newly developed process works, and we have already provided assistance to one of our members from 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron.

Enclosed is a bilingual information flyer and power point presentation that outlines the legal and business relationships between the C & E Museum Foundation, the C & E Museum, and you. It also describes the process that we have put in place for the financial assistance that can be provided to members. It is essential that our people are aware that the Foundation exists for the sole purpose of raising money for the museum, and it will be through the museum budget that financial assistance will be available to our members. This process allows for individual tax receipts for all donations in a manner that makes us stronger and more able as a Branch. As mentioned above, we have all agreed that the BAC will act as the decision body for requests.

Since the P070 program inception in 1990, we have asked for a $5.00/month donation. We now recommend $10.00/month per C & E member in your unit. We also ask for your leadership in achieving a 100% unit sign-up rate regardless of the contribution amount. As a minimum, every member should be briefed by our command teams in a manner that encourages participation. We are convinced that we can do more to help our people and this initiative is a practical and achievable goal.

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to watching the number of Branch members participating in the P070 program increase dramatically over the next few months.

If you require any additional information, or clarification, on anything in the communication package, please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Adjudant, Major Dan Bergeron, at CSN 271– 8371.