Terms of Reference for Chairperson of the Branch Fund Committee


1.  The Chairperson is accountable for the overall efficient operations of the Branch Fund and is responsible to the Branch Advisor.


2.  The Chairperson is responsible for:

a. Ensuring that the Branch Fund Committee adheres to all appropriate rules and regulations referred to in this constitution;

b. Promoting the Branch Fund to all C&E Branch potential members through visits, presentations and any other means;

c. Ensuring that the Branch Fund Constitution is updated and published and propose any amendment to the Branch Advisor for approval;

d. Submitting a budget annually for the approval of the Branch Advisor;

e. Ensuring that the funds are disbursed in accordance to the Branch objectives of the constitution;

f. Submitting any expense which was not originally forecasted in the budget for the Branch Advisor approval;

g. Reporting the Branch Fund activities report to the Branch Advisor yearly or as requested; and

h. Fulfilling any other tasks as directed by the Branch Advisor.


 Terms of Reference for Treasurer of the Branch Fund Committee


1.  The treasurer is responsible for proper accountability of the Branch Fund monies.


2.  The treasurer is responsible for:

a. Receiving revenues pertaining to the Branch Fund. Revenues will mainly be grants or donations but could be in any other form;

b. Maintaining a bank account and depositing monies;

c. Issuing letters and cheques as authorized by the Branch Fund Committee or Branch Advisor;

d. Providing a monthly statement of revenues and expenses;

e. Balancing issued cheques with bank statement;

f. Keeping a records all submitted requests, issued cheques and letters; and

g. Preparing, with the Chairperson, the Annual Branch Fund Budget.


Terms of Reference for Secretary of the Branch Fund Committee


1.  The Branch Fund Secretary is responsible for maintaining an up to date file of all Branch Fund Members.


2.  The Branch Fund Secretary is responsible for:

a. Maintaining an up to date list of the Branch Fund members;

b. Providing information on the membership when requested by the Chairperson or the Branch Advisor;

c. Drafting thank letters to include membership cards and coins to newly paying Branch Fund members for the Chairperson signature;

d. Publishing updated Constitution;

e. Publishing and updating a monthly list of Branch Fund members on the C&E Web site;

f. Maintaining all Branch Fund files in order; and

g. Fulfilling any other tasks as directed by the Chairperson.