The C&E Branch celebrated the 110 years of the Canadian Signals Corps on 24 October 2013 in Kingston, Ontario.  To mark the occasion, the book: Semaphore to Satellite – the history of Canadian military communications, 1903 – 2013 was published. The book was written by BGen (Retired) William John Patterson, OMM, CD supported by a team of dedicated researcher and contributors who took three years to gather and edit the content for this book.

It is available for sale (in English only) at a cost of $50.00 at the C&E Museum in Kingston by contacting Sandra Walsh, Museum Admin Assistant, via e-mail: or by phone: 613-541-5010 ext: 4675. It is also available at the Branch Office located at Tunney’s Pasture. Contact the Branch CWO or Sgt N. Larin

This poster was chosen to mark the celebrations surrounding this 110th anniversary. It was created by Corporal Jonathan Poirier of the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Forces Regiment.

The idea to create a professional force trained specifically to provide military communications came from Major Matthew Wallace Bruce Carruthers, a native of Kingston and hero of the Boers War in South Africa (1899 – 1902), who noted that the communications shortcomings had severely limited the effectiveness of the British Empire forces during this war. Back in Canada, he proposed that a specialized Signals Corps be established to ensure standardization of communications among unit Canadian Army Units. His proposal was accepted and on 24 October 1903, General Order 167 authorized the formation of the ″Canadian Signal Corps (Militia)“ – the first independent organized Signal Corps in the British Empire.

110 years after, the 7500 plus members of the Regular and Reserves Forces who proudly wear the Communications and Electronics badge continue to demonstrate their know-how and expertise and excellence in the field of communications, with numerous information systems, and through information operations to support the need of the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces throughout Canada and abroad.

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