January 26, 2018

Veteran News

Dear C&E Association Members,

Recently the Minister of Veterans Affairs announced planned changes to veterans pensions particularly the pension for life provision(PFL).  Your Association has participated with the Royal Canadian Legion Veterans Consultation Assembly and the National Council of Veterans Association (NCVA) where these issues were addressed.

In November last year your Association along with other military associations attended the Royal Canadian Legion Veterans’ Consultation Assembly.  As part of the Assembly a letter was drafted for forwarding to the new Minister of Veterans Affairs addressing the need to improve the New Veterans Charter with particular emphasis on resolving the significant disparity between the financial compensation available under the Pension Act and the New Veterans Charter, in accordance with the “one veteran – one standard” principle.  Below is the link to this letter and the Minister’s response.

10-2 Ltr to MVAC re Consultation Group

Response from Minister VAC

As well, the Association attended the AGM for the National Council of Veterans Association where the subject of veteran’s pension was an important agenda item. Below are links to the NCVA’s response to the recent Minister’s announcement and as a reminder a VAC press release announcing the proposed changes.

VAC Press Release

NCVA Press release-lifelong pension – Jan 2 2018

Should you have any questions please let us know and we will attempt to clarify any concerns.

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