December 14, 2017

CST/IST Spec Pay

*** Sent on behalf of LCol I.R. Marchand ***

** This email has been sent to all affected mil members as well as RCCS Senior Officers and Senior NCOs  – plse re-distribute as required **

Today, I am happy to announce that the CDS order assigning CST and IST sub-occupations to the Specialist 1 Trade Group has been signed. The CDS order has an effective date of 1 October 2011, the date the ACISS occupation stood-up.

To say that you have all been patient is a significant understatement. Trust that the leadership of the RCCS has never doubted that this is the outcome that you all deserve for the tremendous work have done and continue to do every day. The Director and the DLCI team will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the required corrections in the pay system are performed as soon as possible and correctly reflect the compensation you are entitled to. Please bear in mind that due to the pay system complexity to execute retroactive compensation that reaches back more than six years in certain cases, it may require several months in the new year to address each individual account.

Your leadership will provide periodic updates in the new year as to progress toward of our objective of 100% of affected members receiving their retroactive compensation.

For individuals who have received payouts or presently have credits on their pay accounts linked to the implementation of the erroneous CDS Order in November 2016, pay offices will be directed to release these funds (for individuals who did not receive payouts) and remove members from pre-determined pay (PDP).

As noted, corrections to pay accounts for all other CSTs and ISTs will be dealt with in the new year as expeditiously as possible.

Please continue to forward‎ questions and concerns through the chain of command.

Happy Holidays.


LCol Ian R Marchand

Deputy Director Land Command and Information
Deputy Director Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
Canadian Army Headquarters / Canadian Armed Forces

Strong, Proud, Ready / Forts, Fièrs, Prêts


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