June 13, 2017

Wild Apricot Data Migration

Dear C&E Association Membership,

The majority of you may have noticed an email entitled “Your CMCEN Profile on Wild Apricot” that landed in your inbox this past weekend.  Please do not be alarmed, this was in fact a legitimate communication from the CMCEN Development Team on behalf of the Association.  We have recently begun migrating membership data into our Association Membership Suite at Wild Apricot.  As discussed previously (here) the Association chose Wild Apricot as a membership management solution due to its robust and well known set of professional management tools.

If you are interested to learn more about this exciting new suite of tools please visit their commercial site here.  More specifically, here are some neatly packaged resources explaining the benefits not only to the Association Management Team but to you as an association member.

So, if you previously registered with the Association using our Google Form application (previously located at the ‘Register’ link on then you already have a Wild Apricot profile!  Using this safe and secure portal it is now possible for you to manage your own data and preferences, any time, anywhere!

And once again, a sincere thank-you from all of us for your continued patience while we work to improve the entire CMCE Network for a more positive user experience.


CMCEN Development Team

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