February 7, 2017

WEEK 2 OF 0002

Week 2 Of 0002

The second week of BCAOC serial 0002 forced the candidates to hit the ground running. Three Enabling Check (ECs) evaluations greeted them first thing in the morning on Monday and Tuesday. This was followed by lessons on Battle Procedure, Radio Procedure, and 2Lt Popa’s car getting boxed in at the gym by someone plated “LITE W8.” Evasive manoeuvres were taken.

Two of the three ECs were preparation for the first Performance Check (PC) of the course, which took place on Friday. It covered the history of both the C&E Branch and the Vimy Officer’s Mess, along with an overview of satellites and the space environment. To prepare for the PC, the course candidates held a trivia game in the Snake Pit during this week’s Robbie Burns-themed TGIT. 2Lt Smith and 2Lt Thompson hosted the event, while 2Lt Brooks and 2Lt Drolet led their teams “Bôoks” and “Drôle” to victory. Studying together made everyone’s success on the PC more of a team accomplishment rather than an individual success. However, preparing for the PC wasn’t the only important thing happening during the week.

Team Drôle and Team Bôoks face off during a question about the Sapphire satellite.

Team Drôle and Team Bôoks face off during a question about the Sapphire satellite.

Colonel Godbout, Joint Cyber Center Deputy Chief, visited the candidates on Thursday. He spoke about his current position, the role of cyber in NORAD, and his experience within the branch before imparting his wisdom about the role of a young CELE(A) officer to the candidates. The candidates benefited greatly from his visit, as they collectively learned a lot, and had plenty of questions at the end of his presentation.

Col Godbout and course senior 2Lt Bowles.

Col Godbout and course senior 2Lt Bowles.

The first formal face-off between the BCAOC and BSOC courses happened Friday morning before the PC, with a rousing round of dodgeball. The 29 BSOC candidates started out strong, winning the first two games, but not to be left in their signalling dust, the outnumbered 22 BCAOC candidates turned things around and managed to finish the games with a three-three tie. Not quite a decisive victory, but enough to let BSOC know that this BCAOC won’t be a push-over.

With two weeks and one PC down, five candidates down with the sickness, and a two-day exercise coming up, BCAOC week three looks to up the ante and challenge the candidates even more.

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