February 1, 2017


Members of 2 Sect compare their electronic and paper maps.

Members of 2 Sect compare their electronic and paper maps.

On 16 Jan 2017, the Basic CELE Air Officer Course (BCAOC) serial 0002 made its debut. 19 officers, ranging from mid 20’s up to early 50’s, and possessing a range of experience spanning 3 to 34 years, compose this group.  After the in-processing formalities, all students were briefed in depth by the Chain of Command (CoC) on Operation Honor, during which it was made clear to everyone the consequences related to sexual misconduct.

The class also made its first contact with the Branch Chief, CWO Dupuis. He provided the students with an overview of Branch history, its customs, and constitution.  Finally, he completed his brief with an overview of the C&E museum, and stressed the importance of becoming an active member of the C&E Branch Fund.

During the week, formal class instruction was provided, starting with map navigation, leadership principles and an introduction to space operations. The week came to a satisfying end with a Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE) 4km run. This run commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the communications preparations done by Linemen and other members of the Royal Canadian Signals Corps in 1917 in the lead-up to the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Approximately 700 members of CFSCE participated in the run, which took place around the Vimy Barracks at CFB Kingston. According to CFSCE Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Yannick Lemieux, it was the first of many events to be held at CFSCE to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

After a great first week, the candidates of BCAOC 0002 are ready to consume 21 more weeks of instruction.

Comments / questions / concerns? Please contact the BCAOC 0002 Newsletter representatives, Lt Roussy and 2Lt Brooks, through their instructors at CFSCE or via carrier pigeon to the northernmost window of B1. Photographs courtesy of 2Lt Erik St-Gelais.

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