January 18, 2017

Former LCIS Technician Trade to be Reallocated to Spec 1 Pay Group

The draft document is included here.
Excerpt from Col Sullivan’s Original Message:

Although the letter isn’t entirely accurate, for example it refers to the “LCIS sub-occupation, the intent is clear. CDS Order 050/16 directs that the decision to assign ACISS in its entirety to the Standard Pay Group be rescinded and former LCIS Tech is to be allocated to the Spec 1 Pay Group.   As this is a rescindment of the original decision it in essence has the effect of nullifying the decision, in effect making it as if the decision had not been made.  Therefore the effective date of the pay group assignment is 1 Oct 2011.  This direction only addresses the issue of those former LCIS Techs who essentially had a pay freeze implemented as of 1 Oct 2011.  It does not address the pay evaluation of the current ACISS occupation. The work on the revised pay evaluation process continues inside DPPD.  The formal pay evaluation of the ACISS occupation in its entirety remains linked to the completion of this work.

Director Pay Policy Development (DPPD) advises that the pay adjustments are projected to be complete by the last pay period of January 2017.

This is great news for our soldiers who are former LCIS Techs.

2 Comments on “Former LCIS Technician Trade to be Reallocated to Spec 1 Pay Group

January 18, 2017 at 5:36 PM

Although great for the LCIS techs, I can’t imagine how the branch leadership let this happen! Both of these trades came out of the same spec trades originally, and now the land techs get spec 1 classification with 4 years of back pay and the Air trades are told to wait. These should have been parallel efforts and the release of the new specification controlled by the branch.
LCol Jack Nelson (retired, former RCAF comm gnd/rad tech)

January 19, 2017 at 1:45 PM

I was unaware that the Air Tech trades like ATIS had lost their Spec Pay. As an LCIS Tech I am pretty happy that after 6 years of trying we finally got it back.

Warrant Officer Don Kenney,
Operations Warrant Officer, 39 Signal Regiment

“The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept/ La norme vous passez devant, est la norme que vous acceptez”
Lieutenant General David Morrison


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