December 6, 2016

Four C&E Branch Commendations were recently presented! Congratulations to all recipients.

ce-commendation-maj-esselaarMajor Erik Esselaar was presented with a C&E Branch Commendation on Thu, 01 Dec 2016 from BGen Kevin Cotten, Commandant of the Canadian Forces College, on behalf of the Branch Leader, MGen Greg Loos. Major Esselaar is commended for his involvement in the stand-up and administration of the C&E Association internet website:, as well as teaching many on how to use numerous applications.


In late 2012, the CELE (Air) Branch Advisor authorized the launch of a mentorship program to reinforce communication across the Branch, support CELE (Air) succession planning and career management functions, as well as better prepare aspiring CELE (Air) officers for lifelong learning and career progression.

ce-commendation-lcol-torrington-smithCol Godbout, LCol Harper and LCol Torrington-Smith were the three volunteer program facilitators with the difficult task as the initial coordinators of matching mentor and mentee personnel.  Four years later, the renowned success of this mentorship program has brought great credit to the C&E Branch, as it drew the attention of many other CAF leaders who are looking at implementing it within their own occupations.  This speaks volume of their efforts and dedication in establishing and ensuring a highly effective mentorship program.  It has positively contributed in enhancing the succession planning process and retention for the CELE (Air) occupation: the CELE (Air) occupation has the lowest attrition percentage of the RCAF.

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