November 28, 2016

The Enigma Story: Technology, Turing, Trondheim, Toronto

The C & E museum is planning a historical talk on 2 Dec 16

Speaker: Dr. Peter Berg, Professor in Mathematics & Physics, Department of Science from the University of Alberta

Topic for the Talk: The Enigma Story: Technology, Turing, Trondheim, Toronto

Location: Military C&E Museum

Timings: 7pm; doors will be open at 6:30pm for people to be able to look around.

His website is: (In the section under Publications, Presentations and Media, you can see that he has presented this lecture to multiple museums in Alberta including the Military Museums).

Descpription of the Talk: Discover the remarkable story of the Enigma machine, a device used by the German military during WWII to encrypt their military communications. In this presentation, you will learn about the machine’s inner workings, the code-breaking efforts of Alan Turing and his team at Bletchley Park, the role that Canadians and Ontario played, the ties to modern espionage and encryption technology, and what James Bond has to do with all of this. A highlight will be the display of a real Enigma machine.


Biography of the Speaker, Professor Peter Berg:

Peter Berg holds an undergraduate degree in physics (University of Muenster, Germany) and a PhD in Mathematics (University of Bristol, UK). After academic appointments in Ontario and Trondheim, Norway, he moved to Camrose, Alberta, in 2015 to take up a position as professor of mathematics & physics and Chair of the Department of Science at the University of Alberta. Given his passion for public speaking, the Enigma machine is his favorite topic.

If you wish to attend please register with Sandra Walsh.


Poster: The Enigma Story: Technology, Turing, Trondheim, Toronto

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Don B
November 28, 2016 at 10:05 AM

General Lewis Wylie spoke of his viewing of this machine during the last days of WWII.


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