October 13, 2016

C&E Association Annual General Meeting – 28 Oct 2016

Dear C&E Association Members,

Many of you are already aware that over the past 18 months under the leadership of our Col Comdt we have been been rejuvenating our Association.   The primary objectives of this revitalized Association as stated in our by-laws are:

  1. Enhance the effectiveness of Canada’s military communications and electronics in Canada including contributing to the professional development of our members;
  2. Nurture and facilitate the well-being of all C&E military personnel and their families
  3. Preserve, educate and celebrate the heritage and traditions of the C&E community in conjunction with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum;
  4. Connect with and promote a close association with all members of our C&E military community including the extended military C&E community; and
  5. Act as the C&E community member on the Conference of Defence Associations.

Our approach is to form a network of networks connecting members of our community that will allow us to preserve, educate and celebrate our past, socialize and care for each other in the present and prepare for the future.

Consistent with our Association by-laws it is our intention to hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 1430hrs on 28 Oct in the C&E Museum in Kingston during the forthcoming C&E week.  During the AGM members will be asked to approve our amended by-laws and those individuals nominated to serve on the Association Board of Directors.  These documents are posted on under the About/Organization banner.

As a serving or retired member of the Communication and Electronics Branch and its predecessors you are now automatically a member of the C&E Association based on your service. And we hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to stay connected with your military communications family through your Association. Our key to bringing the over 7000 serving members and 50,000 retired members of our community together is our website. It is through this website that we envision keeping our community up-to-date with heritage events, programs and services for retiring members, those in support of our veterans and their families and widely celebrating our members’ successes. To register with our Association simply access the attached link that will help us maintain contact – C&E Association Registration Form.  If you wish we can also offer you an Association email address.  The registration form can also be accessed from the main website.  Hopefully you may see a mutually beneficial arrangement by retaining a positive link with your C&E community.

Dear C&E Association member when we first qualified to wear the hat badge of the C&E Branch and its predecessor organizations we became members of a special community. We hope that this sense of community remains with you and that you see value in the service offered by the renewed C&E Association and our desire to look after our heritage and our people and our families – serving and retired.

0 Comments on “C&E Association Annual General Meeting – 28 Oct 2016

Branch member
October 15, 2016 at 8:59 AM

Regarding the C&E Association Registration Form, I submitted it months ago and have seen no response. Who should I contact about that?

cl2ncy135 (Kevin O'Keefe)
October 17, 2016 at 9:05 AM

Thank you very much for you comment and registration. We do have all the previous registrations however we felt that the form was a bit too detailed and decided to try an abbreviated form that might generate more responses. We have retained all the previous registrations and hopefully once we receive additional responses to this latest call we will contact all our members who have registered. With this new Association we still have some growing pains but are committed to putting in place an organization that is responsive and helpful to our broad C&E community both serving and retired. Please bear with us for a short while longer. Once again thank you for taking the time to register and for following up with your comment. If you wish to speak with someone to clarify any of the above or any other questions you may have please contact me at your pleasure…Kevin VVV…

Branch member
October 17, 2016 at 10:45 AM

OK. Thanks for the response.

October 17, 2016 at 8:44 AM

I love this!


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