June 25, 2016

Weed Team Smoken at Military C&E Museum!


With thanks to the Signallers Club, and the School RSM, the team of old and young Signallers came together Saturday morning, 25 June, to trim and cut weed, legally, around the Museum. Many hands made small work.

The “voluntasked” from our School were: Ptes Tyler Campbell, Angus Cairns, Dylan Alexander-Peppy, Jacob De-Gryp and Taylor Wilson. The vets were: Bert Haines, Jan Hansen, Keith Perry, Clyde Negus, Al Lawless and Jim Holsworth. Bill Richard added live poppies by the two cairns, and Herb Postill saved the team with well-timed water.

It was great to see new soldiers and old sergeants-major pulling, raking and more importantly chatting, all while building a bit of pride in our heritage…one weed at a time.

BZ to the Weed Team!


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