June 21, 2016

Consolidating CAF Infrastructure Line Capabilities with the Creation of 77 Line Regiment

img_0075-1MGen Greg Loos, COS(IM) and CAF J6, is pleased to announce that on 31 May 2016, the Honourable Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, approved ministerial organization orders to create 77 Line Regiment (77 Line Regt). Along with the recently established 76 Communication Regiment (76 Comm Rgt), 77 Line Rgt falls under the command of 7 Communication Group (7 Comm Gp).

The new 77 Line Regt, derived from various line elements across Canada, was established to consolidate CAF infrastructure line capabilities into one unit, in order to centralize the management of these capabilities as a unified force generation base to be applied to the DND/CAF infrastructure line program of work

This consolidation of CAF infrastructure line capabilities follows the decision taken at Programme Management Board to withdraw from Shared Services Canada (SSC) CAF personnel who are performing work in-scope to SSC. Over the course of the next three years, CAF personnel who were in positions in-scope to SSC will be reallocated to higher priority demands as established by the VCDS.

As part of this change, the four regional shared services units (SSUs) of 7 Comm Gp have been transformed into regional line squadrons of 77 Line Regt, and will eventually be amalgamated with the base line detachments across Canada.

A formal inauguration ceremony for 77 Line Regt will be held in conjunction with the upcoming 7 Comm Gp Change of Command Ceremony:

  • Event:             7 Comm Gp Change of Command Ceremony/77 Line Regt Inauguration Ceremony
  • Date:               Wednesday 20 July, 1400 hrs
  • Location:        Cartier Square Drill Hall, 2 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa
  • Dress:              DEU #1A

Please note that seating for the ceremony will be limited. For further information, please contact CWO Remy Lapointe, 7 Comm Gp CWO using the form below.


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