April 28, 2016

NY Times Article on US use of cyberweapons against ISIS

Dear C&E Association Members,

The link below provided by the CDA Institute is to an NY Times article describing the US use of computer network attacks against ISIS.  The article may be of interest to some members of our community.

NY Times Article on US use of cyberweapons against ISIS

One Comment on “NY Times Article on US use of cyberweapons against ISIS

April 29, 2016 at 12:36 PM

I for one can’t believe they weren’t using cyber ops against this ‘cell phone’ army from day one. In fact I can’t fathom not using jamming, denial of service and every other cyber weapon that is in the arsenal against them. Didn’t someone, somewhere declare this to be a war on terror. This is all old school and should have been implemented as soon as the first bullet went down range. Why is it the Russians seem to have understood denial of comms so well. Instead of putting up sanctions against arms maybe a sanction against cell phones and all the infrastructure to make them work. Every picture I see coming out of the middle east and in the economic migration everyone has a $600 iPhone stuck on the side of their faces. Most of the videos coming out are done on phones. Maybe Apple is contributing to the war by supplying the enemy with high quality comms? There’s a thought why not put some sort of ‘extra’ circuitry into the cell phones destined for sale outside US that would allow disruption of services etc, etc. nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know what I mean!!!


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