April 11, 2016

Farwell Luncheon – Maj Philippe Legere

After serving his country in the Regular Force of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Air Force for nearly 34 years, Maj Philippe Legere will depart D Cyber FD with a component transfer to the Primary Reserves and join 1 CAD (CJOC) JFACC LO staff on 5 May 2016.

Maj Legere has deferred his Depart with Dignity upon his release from the Primary Reserve. However, Maj Legere and his family would be delighted if you would join him in celebrating his service in the Regular Force and wish him success as he continues to serve Queen and country.

Your presence is cordially requested:

The Aulde Dubliner

  • 62 William St Ottawa, ON
    • Tuesday, 3 May 16
    • 1200 to 1500

A small contribution is requested to offset the day’s festivities.

Please indicate your intention to attend by informing Maj K. Rodzinyak (Cc’d or 613-995-9192) NLT 29 April 2016.

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