February 6, 2016

Ottawa Citizen Article on Disability Pensions

Dear C&E Association Members,

The link below is to an Ottawa Citizen article by Lee Berthiaume on ongoing issues related to veteran disability pensions.

Ottawa Citizen Article on Disability Pensions

One Comment on “Ottawa Citizen Article on Disability Pensions

Joseph "TINY" Morin
February 8, 2016 at 8:34 AM

1967-1971 (4) four years of Respiratory/Bronchial/Recurrent Bronchial Issues,1970 deployment Greely Alaska UER: Op. Acid Test !!!, cold front -50 below Zero (F). evacked from tent group Lt. Col Kennedy & Fisher/peer group Statement. C-130 Air-transport manifest Name & SIN #/Sick Parade Report RESIRATORY/BRONCHIAL Diagnosis. 18 days in Oxygen tent Griesbach/Namao Base Hospital. release Bronchial Pneumonia. Appliocation 2001 became aware of pensions at an AIRBORNE REUNION. Applied decision NOT DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO MILITARY ????. NOW have found AIRBORNE M.O. signature & Official AIRBORNE stamp on Sick Parade Doc’s> NOT “NEW” evidence still denied ??? where is the SEC 39 BENEFIT OF DOUBT LEGISLATION.?? Wilful Blind/Hateful Civilians. Can you make sense of this. Statements! uncontested/un contradicted/signed documentary evidence. 45 years ago ???AIRBORNE


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