November 25, 2015

Job Opportunity – Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Kingston & Region Division

Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Kingston & Region Division are seeking the following.


From a timeline perspective.

We need to identify

2 X Level 2 (5-10 years experience) RF Specialists

2 X Level 3 (10+ years experience) Systems Administrators

By the end of this week. 26 November 2015

If we are successful in winning the contract we will also need to identify 4 X Level 2 (5-10 years experience) Systems Administrators to fulfill the work required.

Former Communications and Electronics Branch/RC Signals.

The objective of this project is to obtain System Administrator and Radio Frequency Systems Specialist support for the LCSS.

Scope: Must provide support for the TNOC and a variety of tactical communications systems and for the development and delivery of training on tactical communications systems, including but not limited to:

  1. Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS), known in the CA as the Medium Capacity Radio (MCR);

2. Combat Net Radio (Primary) or CNR(P);

3. Headquarters Information Distribution System (HIDS);

4. Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN); and

5. Tactical Satellite System (TSS). The specific work to be performed will be defined through the use of Task Authorizations.

The Task Authorizations will specify all required tasks and deliverables in detail, to be performed by the following categories of personnel provided by the Contractor:

  1. Two (2) System Administrators Level 3 (Senior)

2. Four (4) System Administrators Level 2 (Intermediate)

3. Two (2) Radio Frequency (RF) Systems Specialists Level 2 (Intermediate)


The tasks listed under each Category of Personnel are examples of work that could be required of the contracted resources. Specific tasks will be identified in individual DND 626 (Task Authorization) issued by DND on an “as and when requested” basis. System Administrators Levels 2 and 3 Resources must perform, without being limited to, the following tasks:

  1. Consult with users and evaluate requirements, recommend designs, provide cost
  2. Analyzes, plan projects, and coordinate tasks for installation of data networks;
  3. Analyze, design, implement and manage, troubleshoot and resolve issue with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise;
  4. Analyze, design, implement and manage Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007;
  5. Analyze, design, implement and manage WTA for ZTI;
  6. Analyze, design, implement and manage Active Directory 2008; g. Analyze, design, implement and manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs);
  7. Analyze, design, implement and manage DFS 2008;
  8. Analyze, design, implement and manage network security policies;
  9. Analyze, implement and manage load balancing of servers in VMWare ESX 4.x environment;
  10. Analyze, implement and manage Microsoft Server 2008;
  11. Analyze, design, implement and manage Symantec Anti-Virus (V. 11.x Sep 11);
  12. Perform System Administrator functions, as required;
  13. Provide quality control management and risk assessment;
  14. Provide network documentation, training, and guidance to network support staff;
  15. Serve as technical specialist in network and serve

Employment location – CFB Kingston. Must hold a security clearance as identified or held a security clearance.

Please forward your application/resume to

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