November 23, 2015

Passing of CWO Jack Mundell Blair (Ret’d) / Avis de Décès du Adjuc Jack Mundell Blair (Retraité)

CWO (Ret’d) Jack Mundell Blair, CD – RC Sigs/Comm Op (213) (1922 – 2015)

With sincere regret and great sadness I forward this obituary received from Jack’s son-in-law, John Watson.

Jack and I served together in 740 Comm Sqn Nanaimo from Sep 1970 to Aug 1973; Jack the Sqn Ops CWO and me the Sqn Ops O.  Throughout the remainder of my 36+ year career, I never forgot the sound advice and wise counsel Jack provided me during those early formative years of my career.  Jack epitomized the word gentleman and, was an incredibly loyal and dedicated career professional in every sense of the word.  Following our departure from Nanaimo in Aug 1973, Peggy and I remained lifelong friends with Jack and Joan visiting them on numerous occasions over the years; seeing them for our last visit in Apr 2010.  We will never forget our valued lifelong friendship with Jack and Joan and, the extended Blair family.  RIP Mr. Blair!

Jack was predeceased by his beloved wife of 69 years Joan, son Jack and daughter Sandy (Watson).  He is survived by daughter Joanne Burroughs (Keith), son Jim (Jane), son-in-law John Watson (Valerie), daughter-in-law Cheryl Blair (Gord), grandchildren Patrick (Deborah), Heather, Brandi (Ian), Krista (Graeme) and great-grandchildren Marion, Jackson, Nathan and Markus.

Jack was born in New Westminster, BC and grew up in Vancouver’s west end. He joined the Canadian Army (RC Sigs) in 1939, was posted to England in 1940 and saw active service in Northern Europe 1944-45.  In 1960 he served with the United Nations peacekeeping force in the Congo. He retired in 1974 in Nanaimo having achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.

In 2014 he was made a Knight of the French Legion of Honour in recognition of his service in the liberation of France. After his military service he worked for many years at Malaspina College now known as the Vancouver Island University. In retirement he bought his own aircraft (1946 Navion, CF-JPC46) and fulfilled a lifelong passion for flying. At his request there was no service.



CWO (à la retraite) Jack Mundell Blair, CD – RC Sigs/Comm Op (213) (1922 – 2015)

C’est avec sincère regret et profonde tristesse que je vous fait parvenir l`avis de décès de Jack que j`ai reçu de son beau-fils, John Watson. Jack et moi avons servi ensemble au 740 Esc. de comm Nanaimo de septembre 1970 à août 1973; Jack était l`Adjuc des opérations et moi l`Officier des opérations. Pendant le reste de ma carrière de 36+ ans, je n’ai jamais oublié les sages conseils que Jack m’a fourni au cours de ces premières années de formation de ma carrière. Jack a incarné le mot de gentilhomme et était un professionnel dans tous les sens du mot, incroyablement loyal et dévoué. Après notre départ de Nanaimo en nov. 1973, mon épouse Peggy et moi sommes resté amis pour la vie avec Jack et son épouse Joan leur rendant visite à de nombreuses reprises au fil des ans; notre dernière visite a eu lieu en avril 2010. Nous n`oublierons pas notre amitié pour la vie avec Jack et Joan ainsi que la famille Blair étendu. Repose en paix Mr. Blair! Jack était prédécédée par son épouse de 69 ans Joan, son fils Jack et sa fille Sandy (Watson). Il laisse dans le deuil sa fille Joanne Burroughs (Keith), fils Jim (Jane), son beau-fils (Valerie), sa belle-fille Cheryl Blair (Gord), petits-enfants Patrick (Deborah), Heather, Brandi (Ian ), Krista (Graeme) et arrière-petits enfants Marion, Jackson, Nathan et Markus.

Jack est né à New Westminster en Colombie-Britannique et a grandi à l’extrémité ouest de Vancouver. Il s`est enrôlé dans l’Armée canadienne (CRCT) en 1939 et il a été muté en Angleterre en 1940 et a été en service actif en Europe du Nord de 1944 à 1945. En 1960, il a servi avec la force de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies au Congo. Il a pris sa retraite des Forces en 1974 à Nanaimo ayant atteint le grade d’adjudant-chef.

En 2014, il a été fait chevalier de la Légion d’honneur Française en reconnaissance de son service pour la libération de la France. Après son service militaire, il a travaillé pendant de nombreuses années au Collège Malaspina qui est maintenant l`Université de l`ile de Vancouver. À la retraite, il a acheté son propre avion (1946 Navion, CF-JPC46) et a accompli une passion pour le vol. À sa demande, un service ne fut pas célébré.

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Yvon Pelland Sgt (retd)
July 20, 2016 at 4:52 PM

It was 1974 CWO Blair and I crossed path in the bunker, without stopping and in a deep voice he told me “Private get a hair cut”. Being a private I did the only thing I could do, I skipped lunch and had an hair cut.
That same afternoon we meet again, this time he stopped and said private I ow you an apology, I was mad this morning and took it up on you, I should have never done that.
I was floored in those days being a Chief was very close of being God, I could not understand why he would do that, there was no need, it is only later that I realize that he was a man of integrity and courage, who was not afraid to admit when he was wrong, it has been over 40 years and I still remember that moment, this is how much of an impression he made on me.
Most man would not have bother, but than again Chief Warrant Officer was not most man.


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