October 29, 2015

Memorial Line Truck

Memorial Line Truck
“She runs like a dream”, Six hours down the Highway and she was still running, we have a Line truck. Every Line truck I had ever seen always looked like rust and green paint tied together with wire. Ask any Line Crew “What did you do to your truck!” and they would answer, “Our job…we’ve been in the bush!”

line truck 1 line truck 2 line truck 3 line truck 4

The Vintage Signal Team now had its own Memorial Line Truck. This truck is the epitome of the Signals Trade. Wherever this truck goes, heads turn and eyes follow the “green machine’. it is an amazing vehicle to bring the Signals story into schools and Events.

At the Schools and Events, pupils and visitors will experience the thrill of laying line and connecting phones. Our trained volunteers will share the stories of Line crew, especially the tales and memories of those named on the memorial plaque in the cab and in the memorial book. These will especially include stories of Line crew in the Cold War and in Peacekeeping who may have worked in a truck like ours.

We are looking for helpers, builders and kit to make this memorial come alive.

We really need a Reeling machine for Line recovery. The type needs to be suitable for 5/4 truck but an LSVW reel machine could be made to work. Please have a scavenger hunt in your bone yards as we have a work weekend coming up at Frank’s von Rosensteil’s place. We have already checked our normal sources without any success. Very Best wishes to you all, The Line Truck is down to the chassis at the moment, so we are chipping away at years of history and warm beers….

If you wish to know more or wish to help in our rebuild project please contact us at or


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