October 16, 2015

Instructions – C&E Week 2015 Branch Update Brief

In support of the C&E Week 2015 Branch Update Brief, attached are the Joining Instructions (JI) which will grant you access for remote participation via either Internet based WebEx webcast or DWAN DLN Saba Centra virtual classroom. Plse RSVP to Pte Jason Kim at for remote participation.

You are also invited to a system test with our system moderators, Pte Kevin Kocsis (WebEx Moderator –, 613-541-5010 Ext. 3177) and Mr Dan Proulx (DLN Moderator –, 613-541-5010 Ext. 3177), on 19 Oct 15 between 1330-1430hrs (Eastern Standard Time). If there are any connectivity/technical issues during this test, plse contact our respective moderators for support. Plse plan ahead, and look to login early as it may take some time for various devices to be able to access the respective applications.

Below is a detailed agenda identifying topics to be presented during the briefing on the morning of 23 Oct 15, 0800-1145hrs (EST).

For those that will be remotely participating as a group (e.g. via a Conf Rm set up or other projection system presentation mode), plse indicate the number of participants that will be viewing the briefing so we may capture some useful viewer metrics. This statistic will enable us to improve upon delivery of future broadcasts. Effective today, we have 62 confirmed Knowlton Theatre participants, 4 WebEx registrants and 15 DLN registrants. Maximum awareness and participation is encouraged.

Thank you, we look forward to your participation!

C&E Branch update brief scheduleee

WebEx Remote Joining Instructions – Desktop (English)
WebEx Remote Joining Instructions – Desktop (French)
WebEx Remote Joining Instructions – Mobile (English)
WebEx Remote Joining Instructions – Mobile (French)
DLN Saba Centra Joining Inst

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