October 9, 2015

C&E Week 2015 General Invitation

On behalf of the Branch Leader and all supporting Branch Secretariat staff, all C&E community mbrs are cordially invited to participate in the customary C&E Week 2015 activities noted within the fol schedule:

ce schedule

For details concerning each of the specified C&E Week 2015 sub-events planned (e.g. mbr nominations, sub-event registration, detailed timings, locations, costs, etc), each of our noted C&E Week 2015 sub-event OPIs are identified within the schedule and remain available through their DWAN email or telephone contact info provided to answer any questions that participants may have.

For further details regarding the C&E Week Branch Update brief, Museum Extension Opening ceremony, and Officers’ Mess Dinner, please see the attachments below.

To Note: Public Funds for Temporary Duty (TD) cannot be used (ie. transport, accommodations, meals, etc..) for your participation to these events. You are expected to personally cover the expenses associated to your participation, unless provided authorization via separate means.

C&E Branch Update Brief Invitation
C&E Museum Extension Opening Invitation
C&E Offr Mess Dinner Invitation

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