March 26, 2015

Signals Veterans Nominated for 70th Anniversary of Liberation of the Netherlands

 radop operators                   Motorcycle

Six veterans of The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals have been nominated to be part of the official delegation for the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands in May 2015.

  • Ralph Hillgartner, Hamilton, Wireless Operator, 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade;
  • Allan Stapleton, Toronto, Radio Operator RCCS;
  • Basil Brosso, Gananoque, 1st Canadian Corps Signals RCME HQ Field Workshop;
  • Hugh Patterson, Caledonia, Dispatch Rider, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division Signals;
  • Donald Smithers, London, Radio Operator, RCCS; and
  • Dwayne Kelsey, Kingston, Dispatch Rider, 1st Canadian Division Signals & Artillery.

If not selected to the official delegation, all veterans wishing and able to attend will be provided travel assistance.  Veterans’ Affairs will notify us shortly who will represent the C&E Branch and RCCS. Watch this space! CMCEN Heritage page will start a series of articles telling the stories of these and other veterans. We shall honour their legacy!   VVV

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March 30, 2015 at 9:12 PM

Fabulous. If I’d had an opportunity to nominate a RC Sigs individual to go on this trip (Nijmegan), I would have nominated George Pambrun, a real leader who makes a difference every day in the lives of young Aboriginals and everyone he touches.

I have no doubt that the six representatives are remarkable and deserving.

We need to find a name for this site that is not two incomprehensible acronyms.

I love the photos. I understand that there is a copywrite “red herring”, but I suggest that the Museum resell copies of archival photos, which really have no owner. I asked for copies of some photos at RCMI and was told this is a no-no. I do not accept this answer. I suggest some legal input, but if you have images that people want, then they will pay for the high quality versions, especially when the money goes to the museum. Otherwise, do what you did and include them in the newsletters, and people presumably, can download what they want.

This makes me think that you could also consider letting people upload images or other artifacts, if you have not already catered for this interaction. We live in a visual world.

Bravo Zulu, VVV Infra Red (Bayne). (Cold War and UN soldier, and proud of it).

Fred Gillies
March 31, 2015 at 1:46 PM

Delighted to read Basil Brosso has been selected to be one of the veterans going to the Liberation of Holland ceremonies. What an honour for an honourable man and an old friend. I still have a lot of fond memories of working with Basil in the 70’s not to mention my memories and photos of my own participation in the 25th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland ceremonies in 1970.
VVV Fred Gillies MWO Ret’d


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