The Canadian Forces Communications and Electronics Association (CF C&E Association) is a registered member of the Canadian Conference of Defence Associations (CDA).

The CF C&E Association is lead by a Board of Directors, composed of the following members:

  • Brigadier-General (Retired) William S. Richard – C&E Branch Colonel Commandant
  • Brigadier-General (Retired) Kevin O’Keefe
  • Colonel (Retired) Jeff Holt
  • Colonel (Retired) John Catto
  • Colonel (Retired) Steve Sibbald
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Gord Metcalfe
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Brian McDonnell
  • Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Marcel Dinelle
  • Warrant Officer (Retired) Liisa Denoble

The CF C&E Association is governed by its Constitution.

The CF C&E Association’s latest Articles of Continuance. CF C&E Association Articles-of-Continuance

CF C&E Association By-Laws (Amended)…cf-ce-association-by-laws-2016-10-12

CF C&E Association Board of Directors Nominations…association-board-nominees

C&E Association 2015-16 Financial Statement financial-statments-1-apr-15-to-31-mar-16

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