The Canadian Forces Communication and Electronics Association is designed for all members of the Canadian Armed Forces Communications and Electronics (CAF C&E) community including serving members (Regular Force and Primary Reserve), and their families, retired members and their families, existing C&E associations and groups and friends of the C&E including Canadian industry.


L’Association des communications et de l’électronique des forces canadiennes est conçu pour tous les membres du communauté des Communications et de de l’électronique des  Forces armées canadiennes. Cela comprend les membres actifs (de la Force régulière et de la Réserve), et leurs familles, les membres retraités et leurs familles, les associations existantes des C&E et les groupes et les amis de la C&E, incluant l’industrie canadienne.

CAF C&E Community

The Canadian Military Communications and Electronics community (click image above to enlarge in a new window / tab)

The CF Communication and Electronics Association has four lines of operation (LOOs) that encompass the full spectrum activities of the extended C&E community:

  • LOO 1 – Enhance the effectiveness of Canada’s military communications in Canada;
  • LOO 2 – Nurture and facilitate the well-being of all C&E military communicators;
  • LOO 3 – Preserve, Educate and Celebrate the heritage and traditions of the C&E community; and
  • LOO 4 – Connect with and promote a close association with all members of our C&E military community including the extended military C&E community.

It is through LOO 4 that the CAF C&E Community manages, as a resource for the broadest sense of the CAF C&E Community.

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